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A fairy tale spun from reality, reality from a fairy tale

Recently the number of foundations which are trying to help children who suffer from diseases or have temporary difficulties in their lives increased by one. Nevertheless, the story of the Lárifári Foundation from Kaposvár is unusual in that the owner of the idea had to experience for herself what it is like when the waves crash over the head of a family. (Kapos Extra, 16. 05. 2013)

Nowadays, when foundations helping children are popping up like mushrooms, it is very difficult to decide which organisation is the one which has the type of objectives we can identify ourselves with, and which we would like to help and support with either financial donations or with charitable activity. It is easier to decide if, in addition to identifying with the good-sounding objectives, we also thoroughly check the people who have brought the organisation into being and their reasons and aims for doing so. It is well-worth becoming acquainted with the origins of this Foundation, as related to our magazine by dr. Adrienn Hosszú, Chair of the Board.

She told us a tale, because it all started with a fairy tale, when her family’s life was changed by a dramatic turn of events. She, a mother and lawyer, was living in one of the happiest periods of her life; she was expecting her second baby, when it emerged that her two-year old son was seriously ill. With her son Peti suffering from leukaemia and his newborn sister present, both of them strongly needed the care of their parents, so the family gave up their previous life and moved to Pécs.

The nine months of the medical treatment were extremely tiring for everyone, until one day Lárifári, the fairy child, broke the drabness of their everyday life. The tiny fairy hero was born in Adrienn’s imagination, it was she who endowed him with magic qualities, she spun Lárifári into their life in the hospital in such a way that this period became not just more bearable but also made his recovery period into an adventure. It was in this way that the needle for the blood test was changed into a small butterfly, the drops of blood became ladybirds and the infusion stand turned into a rolling dog on a lead and, most important, Peti became the commander of a huge medicine army.

It is as though we are actually in a fairy tale. The disease was over, the family moved back home – together with Lárifári. The story of the magical helper developed further and further until it became an actual fairy tale. The Adventures of Lárifári in the Children’s Hospital is a book for children and their families who, for any reason, need hospital treatment. From the thousand copies published in private edition more hundreds were donated by the author to children’s wards of hospitals.

The especially exhausting but happily-ending story could have finished here but the best was yet to come. Influenced by the hardships she experienced, Adrienn joined the Eurakvilo Children’s Oncology and Children’s Hospice Foundation of the Children’s Clinic of Pécs, where she spent two active years as a member of the Board. Among other things she organised leisure and sport programs for children suffering from tumors. Finally this activity became the basis for the establishment of the Lárifári Foundation whose objective is to support those children and their families who, for any reason, are in temporarily difficult life situations and no only due to a disease. Typically it is not only about financial aid, but also about adventure therapy which contains different art therapy programs as well. The Foundation regularly organises therapy sailings and charity regattas for children suffering from tumours, for those with transplants, for handicapped children and also for policeman’s and fireman’s orphans, while the support of institutions dealing with children will play a role in long-term aims. The people of Kaposvár shall soon have the opportunity to become acquainted with the Lárifári foundation and its workers personally. During the City of Painters Festival they shall be awaiting visitors at the Arts Playhouse in the Europe Park.

The time and location could not be more apt, this year the festival’s motto is: “Art heals”.

Annamária Sáska