LáriFári Foundation – experience for the soul!

Our programs are aimed at offering possibilities for children and their families having temporary difficulties in their lives to find positive reinforcement and recreation that can result in gaining strength to overcome difficulties in their lives further on.

We want to show them the way how to make possible that seems to be impossible. Let’s have an example: a child in wheel-chair can participate in a sailing race organised by LáriFári. Our strong belief is that our programs can open up the gates in their souls and through leaving their burdens behind they are able to find the way to their inherit chances.


Our mission is based on three pillars: love, sports and learning. Based on these pillars we would like to make the days of these seriously ill children a fairy tale, where they are the heroes and they can think of themselves being princes and princesses in their world.

During the adventure therapy programs together with the volunteers we do our best to pamper these children and their family members with devoted love, care and enthusiasm and the adventures can mean intellectual food and solution in the maze of life.

Articles of incorporation (hungarian – PDF)